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It all starts with service. Timely’s steady growth, though based on product quality, is service-driven. Experienced specialists in every department display the pride and professionalism that result in efficient order fulfillment to exact specifications and prompt, on-schedule delivery. This dedication to customer satisfaction extends to an ongoing search for opportunities to design and develop manufacturing equipment in-house that will raise the bar of quality and service even higher. Check out our brochures below for an overview of products and services!

Timely® Products

Alumatone™, the latest addition to Timely’s extensive selection of finishes, provides the look of clear anodized aluminum in a steel door frame. Now, you can coordinate clear anodized aluminum exterior windows with color matching pre-finished steel door frames from Timely. Timely’s pre-finished steel frames will meet your code requirements including full 90-minute fire ratings. New Alumatone™, like all Timely finishes, is a baked-on polyester base paint, applied in coil form to assure superior durability, performance and appearance. Five casing design options are available including 2 aluminum profiles offering the crisp lines of aluminum.

THE FIT FRAME FROM TIMELY PROTECTS YOU AGAINST ALL ATTACKERS. Fit Frame’s 18 gauge steel exceeds the performance of traditional 16 gauge steel frames for lateral impact, forced entry and total door weight. It far exceeds the security performance of wood or traditional hollow metal frames. It also protects against fire, smoke, sound light, air, and water. And, with a Timely Fit Frame installation, you get an appreciable time savings benefit – plus up to a 40% total cost savings when compared to a typical field frame installation using adhesive seals.

Start with Timely’s fastening system. It gives these prefinished steel frames a door holding capability that equals or surpasses a 16 gauge one-piece hollow metal frame. This super strong full-perimeter fastening system, complete with accessories, is available in 18 or 20 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel (GalXC™). Installation is easy, due to a patented casing clip system. 

Why take chances with open miters on your door frames? Timely’s patented MiterGard® helps assure a tight fit every time. At lower cost, too. The key to it all is MiterGard’s uniquely designed built-in corner piece. One section of the ‘L-shaped’ component is factory attached to the vertical door frame casing and the other section slides securely into the header casing for a perfect fit. This guarantees MiterGard’s use and effectiveness and provides an integrated corner that is stronger and more accurate.

Our new GalXC material will be Standard for all Timely door frames raising the quality and performance properties to the highest level at an exceptional value. GalXC is a Hot Dipped Galvanized product that provides superior corrosion resistance in the harshest environments while balancing outstanding surface, gauge, and shape quality. Easier to specify, ALL Timely frames are made of GalXC, so they can be installed in virtually any environment. The GalXC zinc coating protects the steel by acting as a sacrificial anode, any exposed parts of the steel, such as exposed edges on the strike emboss or at the end of each frame, are also protected by the thicker zinc coating.

Timely’s prefinished steel door frames have the flexibility to go wherever your imagination takes you in color coordination and interior design. Timely offers unmatched quality and performance with sturdy, full perimeter anchoring, corner alignment for perfect miters, 90-minute fire rating and fast, easy installation. Timely Trim Options: We widen your creative horizons with prefinished steel frames featuring our “snap-lock” casings in four profiles including steel and aluminum.

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